Last night I did something I haven't done in ages. I sat at the Café for hours. I read some, got inspired and made something in 3D (which is something I also haven't done in ages). I enjoyed some good conversation and saw friends. It was a lot like going back in time and doing the things I so enjoyed before I got married. Only, this time, the new twist was that my wife was beside me at every moment. And, because of her presence, I ended up doing some new things, too.

We visited with my mom. We went to eat at a very nice Italian restaurant and the food was fantastic. Also, at her behest, we stopped by Dad's gravesite and left a cigar for him. The Baha'i Writings say that for everything in the material world there is a sort of spiritual "mirror" of it in the spiritual world. So I hope that Dad is now smoking the spiritual analog of his favorite brand of cigar and chatting up anyone who will listen about ways to further the Cause of the Baha'i Faith from his spiritual perch. I envision an ethereal work shed, filled with spiritual tools of unfathomable makes, and him inside it, puffing away on his stogie and contemplating how to save the world one soul at a time through service and assistance. Because, y'know, that's what Dad always did. And I like to think that he's still doing it.

It felt good to be home, in so many more ways than one.