The Insane Detail Club: a group of elite 3D modellers who, as one might surmise from the name of the club, avail themselves to making 3D meshes with an absolutely insane amount of details. Airlocks, lifeboats, interiors, tractor beam emitters, screws, panels, unbelievably smooth edges, windows, weapons, joints, doors, consoles, buttons, diodes, displays, blinking lights and probably the kitchen sink, too. These men take 3D modelling with an eye towards detail to an all-new and unfathomable level. They more than just raise the bar for excellence in the 3D community, they define it and sometimes even surpass it. They are teachers, artists, sources of inspiration and extremely skilled in almost all facets of 3D design. They do not limit themselves to starships and sci-fi stuff- whatever tickles their fancy gets the full treatment.

The projects these gentlemen undertake(and, yes, so far this club is populated only by males... but that's merely because so few women ever get into 3D and those who do generally avoid the online 3D community for some reason) tend to take months to complete- sometimes as much as a full year or longer. Their final products are generally unwiedly to the common user (sometimes as many as 1 million polygons, when it's all said and done) but provide amazing results for those who can use them. The process of development is often watched, from start to finish, by the general online "audience", but not always. And these guys simply know what they're doing.

In order to be invited into membership with this exclusive club, one must devote a great deal of time and effort towards making a truly awesome piece of 3D art. One must redefine various methods of modelling, texturing, lighting and presentation. One must be at the top of the game and remain so until the last polygon is in place and the final WIP image is shown. Then, and only then, will the IDC convene, look over the candidate's most recent work and take a vote on whether or not he/she is acceptable material.

To be invited into membership amongst these (currently) 8 men is the highest of honors for almost any 3D modeller. Not just the creme de la creme, but virtual gods of 3D, the veritable apex of CGI craftsmanship.

I have received word that my 3D work, of late, is gaining the attention of this august group. I know that I am not yet ready, but my current project is making their eyebrows perk and their heads are being turned my way. Some say that if I keep up the same pace that I have been showing on this project, I may receive an invitation.

I am not ready. But I want to be. I want this project to be hailed as one of the "greats." To date, almost every member of the IDC was invited into membership because of the work they did on designs which were pre-existing (ie, the Enterprise-E or the Enterprise-D Bridge Set or the Millenium Falcon). None of them was accepted on the basis of truly original work. If I find myself invited (BIG IF!), I would be making history within the IDC.

My current project, the USS Bellerophon, is still very much in its beginning stages. I know that I have, probably, months to go before it will be complete. This definitely will be my most detailed and high-poly mesh, when it's done. These things are certainties that I have already determined. And I will do this because I truly and honestly do want to make that ship look absolutely fucking awesome when it's done- as high-quality as anything done by Digital Domain, Foundation Imaging or ILM... perhaps even better.

The question is: am I insane enough?

That remains to be seen. But I know that I've come a long way in the last two years. To have been at this for only two years and get their attention so soon is a feat in and of itself. I should be proud of what I've done so far.

I find myself nervous under such inscrupulous scrutiny.