I hate to talk about my problems, especially to people. However, I cannot ask for the slack I desire without explaining what has occurred. I have tried saying, "Please cut me some slack, and just don't ask," yet people still question, gaining themselves the pleasure of my vehement accusations and belligerent knee-jerk hostile reactions. What the FUCK do people not understand about "Don't ask.”? Do I have to fucking yell it at the top of my fucking lungs having already been fucked up by yelling, "Fuck!" out of my fucking anger at the forty and a half other million fucks who dared to fucking have asked after I fucking told them specifically to not fucking ask? What the fuck more could be more fucking specific and direct than, "Don't you fucking ask, you fucked up insignificant whore-fuck,"?

And oh, another thing. If I blow you off at a time like this, do not even begin to think that a fucking note handed to me during a lunch shift by some random fatass which uses big ass fucking words clearly far beyond your extremely limited fucked up mental capacity as fucking denoted by their incredulously fucked and far too blatant mis-fucking-uses and spellings will do anything other than make me fucking scream in the middle of the lunchroom, "You fucking miserable whore-fuck! What the FUCK makes you fucking think that I could give a fucking shred of a flying rats analy fucked ass about what your fucked up mind thinks? Just fucking fuck off, you pussy-fucked cheerleader wannabe."

Now that I am done with my string of 'fuck,' I merely implore you, if you desire to 'help' me, you corpulent ignoramus, to cease your with the actions taken upon your maligned view of comfort and do as I wish. You just want to help? Well if I asked you to do something, wouldn’t that maybe half imply that what I had asked of you would help? Here, I'll help YOU in this case - YES! It does well more than half imply that what I asked of you would help.

"Rinse and repeat."

I hate to talk about my problems, yet I do require some slack due to what has happened. Please, give me some slack now, and I will thank you and inform you later. To help, do as stated above unless otherwise directed. (Mind you, in wanting to help, you put yourself in a position to be directed by me.)

Also, now typing this has stopped my hyperventilation, but I am still short of breath. And FUCK NO! That does not fucking mean you fucks can ask now.