Another Uberman's Sleep Schedule Blog. (cont.)


12:20 AM Sunday June 6, 2004 - Well I've fallen into my routine fairly nicely, though there is some to be desired. I went Six Flags in New Jersey today, so that was interesting to say the least. It was my first day after not sleeping, and I was a little tired. Not to mention, I'd only slept in about one of the naps before this. So in twenty four hours I was running on about twenty minutes of sleep. Despite this, I went up to get my nap a little before 7 AM, because I knew they were leaving at 7:30. I finally fell asleep, and around 7:10, half-way through, they wake me up. I wasn't the happiest of creatures, but cinammon buns cure anything I suppose.

   I slept a bit more on the two hour trip down, probably more than I should have, but what can you do. At 11AM and 3PM, I managed to sneak out for my naps, but not without making the other people mad. They'll live. Then during the ride home, I was beat. I'd been running around the park all day, riding rides, playing games, with the what-not and the who-diddle. So I slept probably half to trip. Again, probably more than I should have, but it was needed. Got home, and after a while of the www I took my 11PM nap. That went well. I fell asleep fairly quickly, and got up with the alarm. Then I took a shower which helped wake me up a lot. So it's now midnight-thirty and I feel fine! I'm a little tired, but that can be expected. So far, this is working out, as long as I can keep my schedule and my life from conflicting too harshly. More tomorrow.

9:28 AM Sunday June 6, 2004 - I'm very angry right now, so I'm just gonna keep this short and sweet. Everything was going great, until I went to my 3AM nap. I don't know what happened. Maybe I didn't set the alarm right, maybe I turned it off, I don't know. But, I woke up again at 9:25. I don't know what this will do to my schedule, but it can't be good. The part that makes me angriest is that it was starting to work. I got a lot of work done last night. I could concentrate, I wasn't that tired. I think I may have just screwed it up, and after only a day!