P.S. Okay, so people don't seem to like this, so i'll leave this as it is and will not continue to log the 8 day routine.

Nevermind, read on: July 5, 2004

I've decided to log my workout journal in this space. Day logs are a controversial part of E2, but this is where I will node these writeups. I don't entirely consider this a day log, but since it will be logged every other day, it seems appropriate.
Hopefully you'll find it interesting, I do, and I aim to give you some insight into a lifestyle that you may be interested in taking part in.

So first off, a little background about me, my routine and goals, as well as my diet to give this some context:
I am 170lbs, and 6ft, about 13% body fat. I have been working out for about 3 years, I'm 20 years old.

The Routine
Everyone who wants to get serious about working out needs a routine. The general consensus these days is that when working out, less is more. By this I mainly mean working out every single day leads to overtraining. For this reason I work out every other day, something that is called a four day split.
So without further ado, my routine:

Day 1: Back + Biceps
Day 2: OFF/Cardio (punching bag, swimming, sex etc ;)
Day 3: Chest + Triceps
Day 4: OFF/Cardio
Day 5: Legs
Day 6: OFF/Cardio
Day 7: Shoulders + Abs + Forearms
Day 8: OFF/Cardio

Muscle groups are put together so as to not workout the same muscles more than once in the split, ie back and biceps are together because working out your back involves using a lot of bicep movements as synergists.
On each day of working out a muscle group I try to include an exercise for the individual muscles in that group. You will be introduced to these exercises on the days that I do them.

Just as important as a routine are goals. Always set your goals high but also attainable. My goal is to hit 180lbs of lean mass, 13% bf or less, and to be able to cleanly dumbbell press 80lbs for 3 sets of 10reps by September.

What you eat is also very important when you decide to start molding your body. I do not stick to a strict diet the way you may think from hearing the word, but I do watch what I eat. Basically, I avoid all heavily processed foods, empty carbs, insulin inducing sugary foods, and aim for a high level of daily protein intake.
I also try to eat about six meals a day. Eating at least four meals a day is very important to keeping ones metabolism going strong, whether you are trying to lose weight or gain it.

So, on to the day's workout.

Today I did Shoulders, Abs and Forearms.

Arnold Press: -- Anterior deltoid
3x8 42.5lbs
Lateral Raise: -- Lateral deltoid
3x8 20lbs
Rear Lateral Raise: -- Posterior deltoid
3x8 32.5 lbs
Shrugs -- Trapezius
3x8 230lbs

Side Crunches:
2x15 left 2x15 right
Hanging Leg Raise:
45 Side Bend
2x15 25lbs left 2x15 25lbs right

Wrist Curl:
3x15 45lbs
Reverse Wrist Curl:
3x15 30lbs

I find shoulders to be an important part of every day strength needs.
Today was a pretty relaxed and thorough workout. I'm happy with my lifts. Today I decided to drop the weight in some areas, like the Arnolds, so I could focus on my form. Form is key when working out to develop a good physique; make sure you get a full range of motion so your muscles develop not just in the center of the muscle but on the outer edges also.
After the workout I went to the sauna and pool to cool down.