Iains summer break from university has been mildly boring, he blaims himself for that. Today, however, was a notable exception, as he actually got off his lazy arse and did something. For some reason, Cat decided to plan this day weeks in advance, the reason for this was to ensure that all participants (all 3 of them, as it turned out) were available.

There was a bundle of potential for this to be a very awkward situation as Cat had recently broken up with who Iain considers to be his best friend, who is currently suffering from a bout of chicken pox. In addition, Iain had recently slept with the other participant, Hannah, after getting unwisely drunk in the same bar as the one they were meeting in a few weeks earlier. Thankfully the afternoon/evening wasn’t at all discomfiting and an interesting and entertaining time was had by all.

Iain arrived at the meeting point ten minutes before the others, and because of his own insecurities decided not to enter the establishment on his own. So instead, Iain decided to intercept the others on their route from the train station to the said establishment. Unfortunately, there are a number of routes from the station to the bar, so Iain had to scout an approximately five-hundred metres range in order to find them. Iain counsiously assigned a high probably to the route that he knew they had taken before, but that was based on them visiting a certain fast food emporium which introduced an element of risk. They took that route and he spotted them, instead of going to greet them Iain decided to follow them to the bar leaving at least a distance of 100 metres between them. Shortly after Cat and Hannah arrived at the bar, Iain arrived and greeted them to a reception of being accused of waiting outside for them to arrive. Iain, truthfully, denied this accusation and stated that he was practising his stalking skills.

Drinks were drunk, conversation was spoken, everything was good. There is no sudden twist in the tale. Cash Machine was visited, and so too was Nandos. Iain consumed chicken breast in pitta bread with a coleslaw side order. Cat had half a chicken with chips and coleslaw, and Hannah, who prefers red meat to white, had a green salad (which contained strips of chicken breast). It was quite a nice meal. Cat's opinion is that there is lots of heat in meals produced by Nandos, but no spice.

A progression of physical location was made from Nandos to the local Warner Village cinema, a distance of less than one-hundred metres. The decision was made to see Men in Black II for which the waiting time was approximately thirty minutes so they meandered to Bar Med, which was charging an entrance fee. They were so disappointed, so they went back to the cinema and ordered food where the girls insisted on hassling Andrew, the poor guy behind the counter. Iain informed the girls that they were both acting like a pair of drunk people, which Hannah actually was.

As it turns out, Hannah isn’t the best person to go see a film with, and she took a few minutes to calm down upon entering the screening room, the alcohol aided her sleepiness. Hannah and Iain played mildly in the cinema, nothing sexual, just hands playing, Cat noticed. Men In Black 2 was a predictable piece of Hollywood entertaining crap. Iain doesn't want more films like this to be made, but yet Iain choose to give his money to the cinema in order to see it. If Iain wasn’t such a law-abiding citizen, or if he had the bandwidth, he would have downloaded it instead.

The film was over, the gang retired to the transport for the evening, which by some kind of strange coincidence belonged to and was operated by Iain. Cat was dropped off at her parents house, which made the situation more interesting as it left Hannah and Iain alone. Aside from toilet visits by Cat, the last time this happened was the morning after the night before. Iain learnt a little bit about one-night-stand etiquette that morning.

On the way back to Hannah's house Iain flirted with her like a bitch on acid, but maybe not as severe. The flirting could have been interpreted as being simply friendly. Somehow they managed to be on some very weird detour which lead them to some woods. Leaving the transport behind they proceeded on foot to be given a tour of the woods by Hannah. Walking around woods you don’t know at 1am in pitch black is an activity I would highly recommend. Hannah knew these woods because a time ago she used to take her horse, Noddy, there. A few small kisses were exchanged between the pair, all of them induced by Iain. Hannah didn’t induce any physical contact of any kind.

After the woods were over and done with, Iain and Hannah retired to the car and proceeded to drive for a further hour randomly around. Hannah showed Iain were she used to live with her parents before they moved away, and tried to show him where she went to school, but couldn’t find it. Eventually, Iain took Hannah home and they spoke in Iain’s car for about forty minutes before Hannah went to bed. Iain then went on the thirty-five minute drive home.

Hannah currently has a boyfriend, and someone with whom she is cheating on that boyfriend with. It can be concluded that while she likes the stability of a relationship, she equally likes the excitement from cheating on the relationship, she agrees with that statement. Iain’s opinion is that Hannah, and most girls that may be interested, see him as more long-term relationship material than short-term. Iain is leaving this town in a month to return to university and therefore any relationship with Hannah wouldn’t be possible. He also thinks that any relationship wouldn’t be a real relationship, but more a series of one night stands. Iain would like to be friends, kinda.

"What is success to you?" - Iain
"i knew yesterday that you were becoming fonder of hannah." - Cat

This was written in mild third-person by Iain, who is very bad at interpreting mixed signals and should probably have his blood stream filtered for hormones that make his brain go crazy. There isn't much I don't regret.