I'm out past curfew as it is.
Standing on the curb by my vehicle, we make small talk,
Neither wanting me to begin the drive home.
In an attempt to bid farewell, we embrace, hoping that,
with the warmth of each other's body,
we may find it easier to end the evening.

"Well, shit, now I'll never get home."I say.

She hugs me tighter, and I reciprocate,
Shielding each other from the cold of the night,
Both unwilling to let go.
She buries her nose into the crook of my neck,
Between my shoulder and my jaw,
A gesture so subtle, I had all but forgotten its meaning.

She plants the tiniest of soft kisses
Between the vein that gives me warmth
and the strong muscles of my throat.
An invitation.

Like bashful lovers, we shift so that we are cheek to cheek,
Whispering nothings in each other's ears,
Punctuating with small kisses that work their way forward.

Face to face and nose to nose, we each move in for the kiss
And each shyly kiss the other's cheek instead
Giggling like children at the simultaneous miss.

But she wants to kiss me, and I want to kiss her.
She pauses, holding up her fingers to count down.
"That's not going to stop you laughing,"I say.
I'm right.

I kiss her anyway, and she smiles.
I smile.
We smile through the kiss that has consumated our
...previously unacknowledged relationship
...unspoken affection for each other
...unspoken attraction to each other
...mutual recognition of the worthiness of the other

Yes, now I could go home.
Yes, now we could sleep easy.

And wait for the weekend to come...