Nimbasa CORE is a song by Chicago based electronic artist pLasterbrain. It has around 300,000 views across Youtube and Soundcloud, largely because pLasterbrain encourgaes the use of the song, saying "You can use my tracks for all your projects, no credit/permission needed" in her Soundcloud biography. One person who takes advantage of this generosity is Youtuber JelloApocolype, famous for his "Welcome to (Social Network)" comedy videos, in which it is the outtro music. Overall, the channel has around 9.6 million views, with most videos using Nimbasa CORE.

Nimbasa CORE's style is electronic, but uses many real instruments, such as the piano, xylophone, and drums. It also features high pitched vocals, sung by pLasterbrain herself. All this combines to create one of the catchiest yet unique songs I have ever heard. It's like combining a romance novel, Hatsune Miku and colorfusical, and somehow producing music. It's upbeat drums and subtle background effects make this more than a background track. It grabs your attention and pulls you into a story about love, lust, and regret.

Although some lyrics are incomprehensible by listening to the song, the official lyrics can be found on the song's Soundcloud page. They go:


you don't even get it

you don't even want to

how could I just leave you

loving you as I do

how could I go and quit,

knowing we're the right fit

wearing you like new shoes

thinking that I can't lose


ooh, I only want your body

ooh, I only want your body


ooh, I only want your body

ooh, I only want your body


you're just like the last one

too much work and no fun

like you've just forgotten

eden's fruit is rotten

man in all the pictures

he knows how to please her

you don't even care, even care, even care, even care


ooh, I only want your body

ooh, I only want your body


mmm, mmm


These lyrics are protected by a Creative Commons License, meaning pLasterbrain allows the redistribution of them. Further information on pLasterbrain's stance on this issue can be found on her soundcloud page in the biography.