I can't say it wasn't entirely unexpected. It was looming over our group like a storm cloud, darkening the mood, creating an awkward tension. Just because I met the friends through the game doesn't mean we aren't friends out of the game, but as soon as one decides I am worth nothing to him but a piece in this game, I'm gone. He snapped. The storm had finally come, and it had hit hard. Words were exchanged with previously unseen hostility. I said many regrettable things, and I wish I could say the same for the others. I got out fast, like I promised myself early in this relationship. Ripped that shit off like a band-aid, but I can't ignore this forever. I'm tearing my friends apart, forcing them to choose one of us, and when it's all over I wont be the only one who lost a friend. I feel guilty for doing this to them, sad for losing friends, and happy for getting the cause of way too many problems in my life out. Overall, I feel terrible, about myself, about my actions, and about what my friends probably think of me.