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The Last Song I Will Ever Write About a Girl
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Would you catch me if I was falling?

Would you kiss me if I was leaving?

Would you hold me 'cause I'm lonely without you?

Said I'm under the gun 'round here.

Said I'm lonely, lonely, lonely, without you...
and I can't see nothing, nothing, 'round here.

Come back, to you
all my innocence
is wasted on
dead end dreaming

i'm gone, i'm gone,
i leave today
i'm gone, i'm gone,
take me away

Sometimes I get this feeling things won't fall apart.
Then again, sometimes I think its gone too far, too far...

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I had cooler links at one time, but a hard drive crash killed my draft of it :(



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yeah...i want to be a lion..i know, i know, everybody wants to pass as cats....we...we all want to be big big big big big stars....yeah, but then we get second thoughts about that