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mission drive within everything
To do: Figure out what 'mission drive' is
Playing Bass, Ranting, Old Music, Pleasuring girlfriend
Saugeen District Secondary School.
If I really *had* a motto, I would probably wouldn't have had to think as hard as I have to put something here, huh?
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The opening lines of user bio's are very frustrating to write.
There, with that over with, I can just blab endlessly about my social life that none of you care about. Kidding. Well, I like to read up on science fiction, and some fantasy. Star Wars is the best thing to hit the human race since we invented fucking. I write, but I write for *me* so chances are, if someone says "cna i reed ur writing???" I'll say "Shut the hell up, and learn to type." I don't exactly have a reliion, but that doesn't mean that you can preach to me about God and expect to convert me. Yes, I've done my homework on the religions widely believed, and no, I don't buy any of it really. I guess if I *were* to have a religion it's be buddhism, honestly. I agree with it for the most part, but I don't believe in reincarnation. Nor do I believe in divine intervention, or in heaven or hell. According to my girlfriend:
He is very smart, understanding, sweet and funny. He always has something interesting to say and has a huge imagination. He's a very loving person, and cares a great deal for his star wars movies , and thought to be a really good guy by many people. He's someone who everyone can come to with thier problems and get help because he is very sympethic and kind . Hes also very attractive .