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I am a 17 year old white guy from markham. Actually i'm quarter chinese but only a select few see the china in me.

I have been drawing and colouring and creating art anyway i could since I was a young boy. Still sticking to my roots of more evil oriented pictures, I have shifted to graffiti and simple character pictures.

Like most other teenager boys in my area I ventured down the drug path. Marijuana, Alcohol, Nitrous, Mushrooms (psilocybe), Ecstasy, Ketamine, Cocaine, Opium and of course Tobacco.. Finally kicked the habit of the crappy tobaccy, and although i've outgrown most of the drug experimenting i still dibble dabble with E and Shrooms when i feel the urge.

In fact, i think many of my drug experiences will be noted down here and recorded in report form so that others who have curiousities concerning such things will have something to base their opinion off of.