Windle Poons, one of the main characters in Terry Pratchett's (11th) Discworld novel Reaper Man, is one hundred and thirty years old. And now he's dead. Doesn't let that stop him though, he just keeps right on going. Yup, learning to breathe again, walk, think, see again; every sense he had felt more acute after he died. Oh sure, some of his wizard friends did not appreciate having him around the university, and tried everything they could to get him to die properly. They were such good friends, put a lot of effort into it too: garlic, holy relics (oh how they tried with that one), even burying him with a steak to the heart (only no steak could be found, so they used celery) under the busiest crossroads in all Ankh-Morpork. Nothing worked.

But you may ask yourself, why, when Windle Poons died, didn't Windle Poons die? You see, Death is missing- presumed... er... gone. With no one there to take a human away when it dies, where does it go? No where. It stays put (or kaputt). So Windle makes a visit to the Fresh Start Club (Every Body Welcome) and resolves to find out why he did not die properly (he knew when it was supposed to happen, as all wizards do).

Windle Poons seems to be enjoying his death more than he ever did so his life; meeting new... er... people, actually doing something with his... er... death, and making cool Windle-Poons-shaped holes in various walls. Yes, Windle will surprise you. He surprised me; he’s my favorite zombie ever.

Source: "Reaper Man" by Terry Pratchett