So my dad, who I haven’t seen in about three months, takes me to the Waterfront Cafe for coffee (decaf). For 45 minutes he imparted words of wisdom upon me about money.


Dad, you owe my grandparents three hundred grand, but you are like a son to them and they are the kindest people in the world and think nothing more of it, even though they moved to a smaller house so they can keep helping my mom out with money. You don't pay us proper child support. You have never been good with money. Never. But I'll listen to you because I want to fix our relationship (in the back of my mind, I hope we will have fixed it enough for me to ask you to help pay for university).

I miss you.

Don't think I'm this stupid, that I don't know how to handle money, because I do. %10 goes away? Oh really. I put two thirds away. No, I can not invest in my RRSPs yet, I'm trying to save up for university. God damn it. I will take this info into account and save it for later. Later! Not now! DAMN YOU!