God it's hot in here. I sit in the mac lab in the Vancouver Film School, waiting to give my documentary proposal to my prof. The past three weeks have flown by. I've met lots of people, moved, left my family in another town, along with my boyfriend and the place that I grew up in. So much work to do. In my first two weeks here I watched about a dozen documentaries, my favourite of which "Roger & Me" by Michael Moore. So much work. It seems like a year already as each day stretches into infinity until I get home, type out homework for a couple of hours, and then crash on my bed which happens to be a futon in my Grandparent's den.

God is it ever hot up here. Yesterday I got frustrated with the editing exercise and left before I could perfect the scene I was working on. I will finish it today. After my doc proposal I will travel to New Westminster to see whoever runs the big archery store up there. I need more contacts for my doc. I'm directing, by the way, which feels so exciting but also frightening. That is... IF my doc gets chosen... I've got a 50/50 chance. I'd say that's pretty good.

Every morning I wake up at six and am out of bed before ten to seven. I catch the bus and transfer at Phibb's Exchange to get to West Pender street. I walk down to Hastings. This is not a very nice part of town... on my bus ride yesterday I saw police arresting some guy that was cuffed on the ground. But stepping off the bus today into the light rain I did not put up my umbrella. I walked with my face towards the sky all the way to the Film Production building.

The rest of the year is going to go by so fast.

I dislike GTKY nodes as much as the next person but I just needed to write. Hope it's palatable.