Arg. In that wonderful space between being asleep and being awake, when you don't really have to get up for anything, when you can slip in and out of dreams, I keep having dreams that I've already done something, when in real life, I have not. I keep dreaming about birth control pills, that I've already taken one (dreaming) when I really haven’t. This is distressing. I always check and I usually find the day's pill still there in its foil bubble pack. Also in that place between bed and coffee lurks the broken reasoning. I thought it was Wednesday today (because it was Tuesday yesterday, everyone knows that!) so I had a moment of ACK! when I went to take a pill (conveniently labeled with days above each one). Of course, it is Monday, which I realised upon checking over my reasons for thinking it was Wednesday today. That broken reasoning can do some cracked up things to logic, it can. Always check.