I don't want to sound like a terrible person, I don't want to get flamed either, but I felt that I had to post this.

Today I have vowed not to watch TV. It is all going to be a restating of that terrible day, with the same footage being shown over and over again. I was discussing this with my soon to be wife and she asked me this question. "At what point do we stop bringing up the same old stories and the same old questions? Will Fox News and MSNBC be reporting on the 11th every year?"

I don't know how that will work. I wonder how the families and other close friends/relatives feel every time the same stories are brought up? Imagine that you are moving towards closure on the topic and the images and feelings are once again thrust upon you.

On another note, supposdly Osama Bin Laden released another tape praising the sucide bombers. "Whoever wants to be taught about loyalty and honesty should have known them" 1. Of course there were also the threats to make the 2nd aniversary bigger and better, which means bigger and worse in my point of view, then the first time. I wonder how many of these threats are real. Do the news people release them to help us panic and stay glued to our TV? Or does the government release them to just proove they are doing something about this War of Terror?