One of the most successful CCM bands of all time. The name of the band comes from the Greek word which means rock. The name also implies the type of staying power the band has, as well as the style of music it plays.

Petra was formed in 1972 by Bob Hartman (guitarist) while he was attending the Christian Training Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The original members of the band include vocalist Greg Hough, bassist John DeGroff, and Bill Glover on drums. The band started to play at local churches around the area, with backing from the Training Center. However, the band met with stiff resistance because many of the churches thought rock and roll was evil, the devil's music. In 1973, the band signed its first record deal with Myrrh Records, a subsidiary of Word Records and released their first album in 1974. Many people think this album has more of an Eagles like rock song then the type of music they would become known for.

Over the years the band would change lineups. However the message of the band would stay pretty much the same. Greg Volz took over as lead vocalist after Hough left after the second album. Louie Weaver, Mark Kelly, John Slick, John Schlitt, Ronny Cates, Jim Cooper, and David J. Lichens have all had a role to play in the band throughout the years. In fact of the original group, only Bob Hartman is still attached to the project.


  1. Petra (1974)
  2. Come and Join Us (1977)
  3. Washes Whiter Than (1979)
  4. Never Say Die (1982)
  5. More Power to Ya (1983)
  6. Not of this World (1983)
  7. Beat the System (1985)
  8. Captured in Time and Space (1986)
  9. Back to the Stree (1986)
  10. This Means War! (1987)
  11. On Fire! (1989)
  12. Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out (1989)
  13. Beyond Belief (1990)
  14. Unseen Power (1991)
  15. Wake-Up Call (1993)

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