I mentioned that my next daylog would be after I am engaged and tonight was the big night.

Ever since she started college this semster, we have planned a night where we would get together and go out on a date. Wednesday has been that day. It has usually been Barnes and Nobles where we would sit together, discuss life, drink coffee and look at books. (Sometimes its better then a library, don't know how many libraries let you bring drink in them.) Anyway tonight was going to be different.

Last week I told her that I would like to take her out on a picnic at a park. However the weather here in Grand Rapids, Michigan has not been the best park going weather lately. So we decided to have the date anyways but this time it was going to be downtown, so we could go to the muesum or something if it was too cold or rainy.

Anyways, it was a beautiful day and we had the chance to sit oustide and eat and just as sunset was coming and we were packing up... I asked the question. "Will you marry me..." And then she said yes....

So that's that, now the fun of planning a wedding starts.