Well call me old fashioned but I have been dating my girlfriend for about three years and we have been talking about marriage for awhile. One of the biggest things preventing this was the lack of a full-time and the all important health benifits as she has Crohn's Disease and medical coverage is critical.

So now that I have a full time job and benifits, the idea of getting married has been talked about more seriously. So today, I took a trip to talk with her father and ask permission to marry her. Hopefully my next daylog will cover the engagement.

Am I really old fashioned doing it that way? Do people not talk to the girl's parents and ask permsission? I would like to hear there are others that still do this.

Now I can stop worrying about that. Did I mention that he is a lieutenant in the city's police and also a commander in the Naval Reserve? Or the fact we went to lunch in his city provided vehicle? How bout that his gun was tucked into his belt throughout lunch? Like I said nothing to worry about.