Do you ever have thoughts about nodes you want to write when you aren't sitting in frong of a computer and then finally when you sit down, you can't remember what you wanted to write?

We are working through the bugs with the conversion that happened this weekend. A lot of the queries have to be rewritten, which I am slowly learning how to do. I have never worked with the program, CIF 20-20, before so I'm learning where all the files and in which libraries things are loaded in.

Is it just me or when one person learns something new they compare to something they know and understand. For example, this is the first time I have worked with an AS/400 so I'm learning a whole new of working and dealing with things. In order to better help me understand things, I compare it to Windows because thats what I know and understand. My boss, who started on the 400 and moved over to working supporting Windows, compares things the other way around. I guess its just human nature to compare something new to something you understand.

I have also started learning Linux at home. I know I might be the last one here to be running Linux, but its a whole new thing to me. So I try to compare how things work with that system to what I know and understand. I have to read a good book that would explain things correctly. I know how to admin a Windows 2000 network, but I can't admin a Linux network, I don't understand it. So if anyone has a book, a How-To or some other source that could explain things in the way a Windows based network administrator could understand send me /msg. Thanks