Another daylog in the life of a substitute teacher. This morning as I was laying in bed, dreading the phone call that would awaken me and force me to get moving, I actually hoped that I would not get the phone call. However, when I got the phone call, I seriously thought about telling her no. I should have because today I have become the Wandering Substitute. Thats right I am a sub without a room, without a place to hang my hat, coat and bag of tricks for the day and call my own, shared around the school at the whim of the school office.

It would be one thing if the classes were somewhat alike but no they are all totally diffrent. First hour is being a paraproffesional in an EI classroom, Second Hour is a thing called Advisory and right now I don't knwo what the rest of the day will be.

On another note I bought my new computer almost 3 months off an auction on Ebay. Well everything was going great until my motherboard blew and I could not use it, but no fears I have a year long warrenty all I have to do is contact the company and get in all sent in. Well... to make a long story short, its been two weeks at the company and I'm still waiting on it. Note to self, never buy from them again.