First off, I would like to thank the editors for helping me clean up all my copy and paste nodes. When I started out here on E2, I created a lot of these nodes from thinking the information there was open and in the public domain, so I didn't worry about it, I thought everything I had noded was free of copyright. However this was not the case. I have been working with one really great editor who was really patient with me and did not put too much pressure on me to clean up my act. I sent several emails back and forth with and they have let me know that everything is indeed copyright them. So now I have cleaned up my and ready to get nodding again.

Second... Its converstion weekend here still. We are still plugging away at cleaning up the core banking system we used and implementing the new system. THe CIF 20-20 program we will be using is a lot better and easier to use, plus it has a lot of new features. While its still a green screen emulation from AS/400, it is menu driven instead of command driven, making input of data more user-friendly.

It has been a lot of balancing and verification of data, to make sure we do not lose any money in the process or even any history. Things are going quite smoothly, except for the fact that its 8 o'clock and I am here at work, instead of home sleeping.