I just don't get it. I don't understand the way most of the people feel in reaction to the election. So the person you voted for lost. Now figure out a way to win next time.

If Kerry had won and those that voted for the other guy were reacting the same way, how would you feel?

I remember distinctly the last time my guy lost to Bill Clinton. I didn't run screaming for hills, move to Canada or any of that silliness. I worked with my party in whatever small way I could to see that it didn't happen next time.

Another thing I don't understand is the complete hate of the President. I don't understand where things have gone that is no acceptable to call the leader of your country a dipshit or a fucking moron. When did we move from respecting our leaders, even if we disagreed with them to calling them liars?

My background and belief system tells me that I should respect and pray for our leaders, even those I don't agree with. So when President Clinton was in office, I added him to my prayer list. When a Democrat became my govenor, I added her to my prayer list and if John Kerry had become President the same would have happened. I pray for one simple thing, guidance. Not that my will will be enforced by a higher power, but the leaders will make decisions and stand by those decisions.

I have often times disagreed with those in charge of me, but that does not mean i have ever called them a liar, a moron, or some other name. While I have unfortnately laughed at some off-color joke, I have become ashamed of those times.

Where will things go now? I do not know, will America go to hell in a handbasket over the next four years? I hope not, but I will continue to pray for the President and all the leaders that over me. Especially when I disagree with him/her.