Today, I am finally teaching again. It's a good feeling to be working as I have only done it one other time this week. I'm a science teacher today. Who knows what subject I will teach next.

From what I can tell, the regular teacher has been gone for a long time seeing we are now on "emergency plans." Which come down to please so these videos. Today's selection is Free Willie 3 the steallar movie to end what may be the greatest trilogy ever.... Note the heavy sarcasm....

For some reason after watching this pro enviroment save the whale for almost the entire school day, all I want now is to kill something or eat a big ole steak.

Besides the heay pro-enviroment, stance of the movie that drives me nuts, the whole plot or idea of the movie is unbelievable. I mean one kid saves helps his father see that whale hunting is wrong and changes his whole lifestyle from his father and grandfather did before. I mean does one moment in time force a career change? What a waste of time... and because it deals with the enviroment we get to watch it