Well, I did it... I broke down and went shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. I was amongst the thousands that set their alarm clocks extra early and then went and rushed out for that hot deal and I found it. Its amazing the amount of money that is going out the door today, just at the store I was at. I stopped by Wal-Mart for the DVD/VCR combo they had on speical for someone and the money was just pouring into the cashier's drawer.

The say the economy is weak and no one has money, but thats not what I saw. A majority of the purchases I saw were over the $300 (USD). So if everyone is out of a job, then unemployment must be better then what I'm making at my job, cause I'm on a budget and I'm not spending money like that.

So know I'm here at work, already bored and ready to leave. Hopefully it will be a slow day so I can leave early.