About 6 months ago, my fiancee and I set up a good friend of ours on a blind date of another friend. I know this might sound confusing, but neither knew each other. The one friend was my fiancee's roomate and the other friend was a friend of mine.

Fast forward six months, they are still together and in fact are making long term plans. So whats the problem with that? You see the gril treats the guy like crap. She wears the pants in the relationship. She controls him and he does everything she asks, no demands. This is not the way a relationship should be, at least in my opinion.

Yesterday it seems like the two made an offer on a house which was then accepted. This is their dream mansion, when in fact it is a dump. No garage, no driveway, well water, septic tank. But it is there dream house.

The problem with this? Neither of them have any financial understanding or discipline. They both blow money all over the place and also spend money as a way to "punish" the other person. Don't know if you understand this, but if someone does something "wrong" the other person goes out and spends that person's money.

I'm afraid for them, I fear they will end up bankrupt and living with thier parents.

Thanks for letting me blow of some steam, they don't listen to advice and it just frustrates me.