After a haitus from this wonderful place of about a week, perhaps a little longer, I decided to login today and check how things were going. And I noticed I had several messages in my inbox and at least one of them was a note saying a node of mine has been nuked. I had noded some of the more favorite quotes of Ralph Wiggim from the Simpsons and was rather proud that I could hunt down the exact wording and posted them here only to find that they didn't add anything to the database. Then I saw that I had a new E2 Mentee as I was a mentor so I decided to jump back in the fray. It was then that I read the daylog written by erevapisces, I hope I spelt it right :) And it raised my ire once again.

Earlier this year, I started having a conversation with VT_Hawkeye about the lack of historical and/or factual nodes and the amount of GTKY crap that has been thinly disguised as content. Who decides what is actual content worthy of the database? Is a fictional node better then a historical node? If quotes of Ralph Wiggim don't add to the database what do these daylogs add to the database? Better yet what about Dream Logs and the other useless drivel that fills the database? Ever done a search on Valentine's Day and look at all the content that you find there. Ever done a search on the Olympic Games and find an entire node dedicated to games that shouldn't belong in the Olympics. I posted to this node during this years olympics and was quite quickly nuked because of the GTKY nature of my node. But was the entire node nuked? Did all of the other noders loose a write up that day?

The more I think about it, the more this place is just like a BBS, except the cool people are the ones that get together and get drunk. They are the ones that write nodes about Everything2 Get Togthers that somehow add valuable content to the nodeshell? I don't understand it. Everyone says Earn your bullshit, I say go out drinking with the gods/editors and drop you username and watch the votes come pouring in on pure drivel that describes how the get together went and how drunk you were by the time it ended.

I don't want to socialize with people here that's not my style. I don't use the chatterbox, I have never had a rl converstation with anyone from this place. When I came to e2 two years or so ago, I found it as a place to write what I know and to post some all the obscure trivia that I know and also find new information. Now I view it as a place to read senseless drivel when I have nothing else to do.