I have posted my feelings on the war and what I feel about the situation currently going on. I'm going to stray away from that and return to a normal daylog.

On Friday of last week, the loan department decided to move cubicles around and had Custer in to move everything and get things setup and back in working condition. As thing were halfway apart, I got the phone call, "Umm, we are moving things around up here and wondered if there were data and phone lines were the new offices were going to be." The answer is of course not, there are never lines where the new offices are going to be.

So I had to kludge a solution together while we waitied for the company to come out and run the lines and patch everything in. How come it is always like this. No matter where I work, people move and then expect to magically be connected to the network. I guess everyone assumes there are wires all over the place? Is it like this at everyones work?