Yesterday I took a chance with a one word node to fit along with the other nodes. I have received some interesting feedback on the node and I would like to share some more thoughts.

The biggest question is what am I proud of? I am proud to live in a country were we can disagree with each other. Were we can have a spirited debate amongst people without the fear of reprisals. I am also proud of the men and women that are in the armed forces of this country. Getting paid nothing more then food stamps and still putting time in to protect our country. I am proud that people die for this country

I am also proud for the decision President George W. Bush made. While everyone here might or might agree with his decision to go to war, it takes a ton of courage to stick to your view in opposition to what others are saying.

I am also proud of everyone that has posted their views on here. I am proud of the editors for not nuking the various nodes they don't agree with. I proud this place has allowed me to post my own thoughts without attack from anyone.