I will never understand church softball games. It is amazing to see the different levels of teams and the different players that participate. Take for example my team. We are a group of loosely organized young married men trying to put together a decent team. We are not out there to win every game, we are out there to have fun and enjoy th game. After all that is what it is.

And yet there are some teams that winning is everything. They even have uniforms with each players name and number on it. To them it is a test of their manhood, their strength, their ability to destroy the weaker. After all it's survival of the fitest.

This was the type of team we played last and got demolished. It was fun for us, but after awhile when the score is 30-5 at the end of the second inning, it is a struggle to be good natured and to have fun. When each person is trying their best and yet it is no where as good as the other team in their uniforms and names and "sluggers." Sigh, at least we have won a game...

On another note I have decied to start noding some of the appointed positions that the President has made. I know it is a little late for that, but I will strive to node whatever appointments are made after the end of this election.