Today's a wierd day for me. I get a phone call to see if I can come over and fix my brother's zip drive (Ah the curse of being the computer geek in the family. "It doesn't work and my wife needs to get something off a disk she used as backup." So I head over and fix the problem, stupid me forgot to reattach the IDE cable to the drive, when I added the CD Burner. Oh and btw, I hate working on Dell Computers, the cases are so tiny and small. So cramped that it makes it hard to work at all.

And then I get home, turn on Rush Limbaugh and hear that saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school is unconstitutional, what a crock that is. What's next, the Constiution being declared unconstitutional? What a crazy world we live in, where we bend to allow the minority rule over the majority in the name of tolerance.

Its just not this whole pledge that has me annoyed. Its Charlie Daniels being asked not to play his song The Last Fallen Hero on the Fourth of July because its just not right. Or a stupid Canadian deciding that Toby Kieth's song just isn't right to play on a tribute to America.

Gotta love tolerance, can't offend anyone.... Oh wait, this node might have....