So I came to work today after being gone yesterday and had a note from my boss asking to meet. (Its never good to hear that first thing in the morning). It appears that while I was sick, everyone in the company decided to voice thier opinion and frustrations they have in regards to me and the jobs I don't get done for them.

Let me explain my job to those out there.... I work for small private bank with just about a hundred employees and two branch offices. I am the sole IT person in the company. (My boss has a background in IT, but is not involved in the day to day process or helpdesk like issues.) I do everything from network administration to helpdesk/tech support. If someone has a problem, I get to deal with it.

To say the least I am swamped and most of the time when I am stopped, I say that I will get to it as soon as possible, please drop me an email so I can remember. Well, it seems the whole company was frustrated with me not getting back to anyone. Which of course I have never heard of until they called my boss.

Now I get to work on making sure I prioritize my requests and meet with my boss each morning to come up with a list of things to do each day. Well, hopefully I can improve to thier satisfaction, I swear they will never be happy with the level of support I give them.