I haven't written a daylog in awhile, all in part of trying to keep up with the covenant, but right now I am so upset that I must get my feelings out.

I'm upset at basketball, I'm upset at the refs of the game. I upset because they can't call a fair game when the almighty Lakers are involved in it. I'm upset because I can't logically call a game fair, when one action results in a foul on one end of the court and the same action results in nothing on the other end.

I'm not a huge fan of basketball, I enjoy watching the playoffs... But I find it hard to watch a game that isn't called fairly. I know that each person comes into everything with some sort of bias. Its human nature, but when you are in charge of soemthing, you MUST leave that bias away from the job.

In game 5, I watch one the of Sacremento Kings move along the baseline to in-bound the ball, and he is correctly called for traveling. Tonight I watch a Los Angeles Laker take the same steps along the baseline and nothing happens. I see the almight Kobe Bryant elbow Mike Bibby in the nose causing it to bleed as Kobe charged around him, with nothing being called. At yet in my heart, I wonder: "What would have happened if Bibby would have done the same thing to Kobe?"

I don't know why I get so upset at prejudice and bias in sports. I just do. I don't know how much more I can watch.

But the night wasn't a total loss. I watched the Detroit Red Wings crush and destroy the Colorado Avalanche so everything is all right in the world again.

Go Wings