On Saturday I moved into my first apartment and am now trying to get everything all setup, including telephone and internet. I am currently without both, so my existence is quite limited, thank goodness for a cell phone. I signed up via the web with SBC and waited my service technician on the promised date. He never showed up, suprise suprise. So this morning I called customer service and scheduled a new apointment. Guess I have to wait for the internet and phone. Means I can spend time with my favorite addiction.

It's very interesting not having anyone else living with you. Things are very quiet and I find myself not talking to anyone for the entire time that I am in my apartment. The first two days I felt like I was a guest in a hotel, it didn't feel like home to me. But after 3 days of living there it finaly feels like home.

Thats an interesting idea, home. What makes something a home. I'm sure Webster has a great definition, but what makes something feel like home? Is it just where you sleep? Or is it something more... Just a thought for me to ponder during work today.