Ah another month has started, this means another month less until I am married. The amount of planning and work that is involved has blown my mind. My recommendation is to just elope, there is less work to be done and the money you don't spend can be used on the honeymoon.

As part of the month starting, a quarter ends and here at the bank along with quarter end, month-end occurs; which means statement time. There is a neat thing we do for our business customers is we provide a check image of all the checks they wrote for the month. Our imaging system prints the monthly bank statement and then prints the corresponding checks linked to that account. Then for our customers that have a large amount of checks, over 500, we provide a CD-ROM of thier images. The cool thing about the cd's is the entire deposit set is shown versus when you receive the check images you receive just the checks not the corresponding debits and credits

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