Well, I'm teaching again today.... The class I teach is called Computer Applications, but instead it should be called Keyboarding or Learn to Type because that's what the students are doing. It's wierd, computer applications on an Apple.... isn't that an oxymoron? I just don't get it. These computers are slow, they crash all the time or sometimes just randomly freeze. And don't get me started on this school's network. Nothing like run Novell on a bunch of Mac's. Oh well, it just makes the students frustrated because nothing works right. what a way to teach Technology to the students. In fact, the Technology teachers do not know much besides Apple, the technology they use is mostly PowerPoint or editing a video or producing the schools News program.

Its interesting, another school that I sub for, really gets technology. They have several levels of classes that a student can take. Everything from Desktop Publishing to Cisco Network Academy classes that teach the material for the CCNA exam. Now thats how it should be done.