"For the majority of them it is a literary outlet that constitutes a part-time diversion for their amateur interest in communicating and explaining their experiences and most of the time that perspective takes the form either of factual descriptions of people, places, and things or of poetic abstracts. It’s harder to capture the middle ground. To find the Truth in a cup of coffee or while standing in line at the bank. It's hard to be literary about experience. It's even harder to make it something that someone wants to read." 1

Like C-Dawg I was surprised to see this package arrive on my doorstep. I didn't order any books, my wife didn't order any packages, we were totally surprised about it.

Upon opening it the book is beautiful, the simple gold lettering stands out. Two questions raced through my mind "Who in the Hell is Jonathan Shute?" and "What is "enhanced non-fiction?"

The book is worth it. The note from Jonathan, surprised me, shocked me and made me feel a little guilty. The introduction by Dem Bones is what this site is about.

I cannot tell you the last time I became so sucked into such a work. I wanted to sit and read it right there cover to cover. Of course that would have made us late for our dinner reservation, but maybe it would be worth it. I was re-introduced to old friends, nodes I have read and longed to read again, stories I connected with and understood exactly where the author was coming from. And I thought the entire time "Man if only I could write like this..."

Everyone should buy this book and read it. It now sits on my coffee table for all who come into our apartment to read and enjoy.

1. From the introduction by Ryan Postma. The true definition of why I hang out here, node here and spend so much time on this site.