I guess I am the minority here that supports the governments actions in regards to Iraq and the War on Terror and today being the Virtual March on Washington I have passed my thoughts along to the President. I support the actions of the White House. There are things with the current administration I don't agree with and have voiced concern over such things to my local senator and representative, both state and national.

Another question I have is why aren't there more pro-war protests? I mean we have anti-war and anti-american protests all over the world. But what about the countries that support the actions of the president? What about the people here in the United States that support the actions in Iraq?

In interesting story I'll share before I get off my soapbox: This morning on the drive into work, I was listening to my local radio station and a lady called in to share a story about the peace protest that was happening outside of city hall. She and her family went down to protest for the war and had a sign with her brother's picture in uniform. She related how several people told her they wish her brother died while he was serving.

I hope that isn't the attitude of anyone working for peace. If so, you should be ashamed.