Its been a long time since I typed up a daylog here, in fact it has been a while since I noded here. Its not that there is nothing interesting in my life, its that I have other things that need to get done first. I also find it hard to come up with good stuff to write about, stuff that people actually care about.... I wonder the ratio of noders to noders with burnout are? Hmmm noder burnout is that such a thing, I think i suffer from it a lot.
So let me get all caught up from last daylog.....

My girlfriend's neck is all better after her car accident, she no longer has to wear a neck brace and in fact is no longer in pain. Which is an answer to prayer.

I'm back subing again after a week haitus from it. Not my choice really, just wasn't the demand fror substitutes which makes the income really scarce and me really poor.