Today in the papers and on the cable news networks all I hear the talk about is this 13,000 page document that Saddam Hussein and his crew released to the UN. Am I the only one who wonders about how quick he had 13,000 pages ready? Or am I just misunderstanding something. I also keep hearing to the cd-roms that were included in the material, I wonder what they used to make those?

At work today it seems like the day is flying by, barely able to catch a break and node, so I'm finishing this up on my lunch break before I dive back into work. This morning I spent a majority of the time on the phone either on the phone or making sure a line was up so a tech could get in and update one of the systems. (Note: On the core banking system we use here, the company dials in and does 90% of the maintance work on the system.)

So life is good, heading out after on normal Monday night activities. Monday's have been for about 6 months "guys night out" which we get together and play some DnD and swap stories and whine about work. A time away from wifes and fiancees. Tonight is the second night of the City of the Spider Queen module. Its pretty good, well thought out so maybe I'll node it here when I get done, have to avoid too many spoilers.

Well, lunch is over, back to work....