Don't you hate it when you have to talk to tech support and they only know the answers and questions from the script they have in front of them? When you call several times, hoping to get a different person who knows what they are talking about, and it still doesn't work right.

Here at the bank, we use Concord to work with the ATM transactions and other card issues. The company has moved away from a dial-up connection to a VPN connection. For some reason, no one here can connect over the right TCP port, even though its open on the firewall, we have to use UDP.

So being the tech at the bank, I call up and say: "I'm having problems with your system...." And the majority of the questions refer to "Are you connecting over TCP?? Do you have the right port open on the firewall?" And the answer is YES!!!!!!! Just give me an answer to my other issues.....

Besides that frustration, life is good. I've been having headaches lately and finally had the chance to go to my doctor. He thinks they are stress related, so now I'm on a pill for stress, don't remember which one, cause the script is getting filled at the drug store.