Just some random thoughts as my Christmas draws to a close. I don't care for Christmas, there I said. But before you rush and call me The Grinch or Scrooge or some other type of anti-holiday name. Give me a chance to explain.

To me, Christmas no longer means anything really special. It means that I don't have to work, that I get to sleep in, a little if I'm lucky. It also means I get stuff and give stuff. I brighten someone's day a little bit by giving them a gift even if they don't deserve. Because thats what you do on Christmas.

But the biggest thing is that it means that I get to go visit my extended family. It means that I get to deal with family squabbles over little things that don't mean much to me but are oh so important. It also means this year dealing with a grandfather that had open-heart surgery and how he worries too much over his wife, my grandmother who has Alzheimers which means she doesn't even remember who her husband is. It also means that everyone in my family worries to death over her.

Merry Christmas to Me