A little late to be posting this, as it is acutally the 22 but I decided to post this anyways, partly due to the current quest sponsered by ninjagirls.

Today is my 3-month wedding aniversary and I am enjoying the interesting Christmas tradition's that my wife's family has every year. I come from a family that has only one tradition, going to a live navitity each year on Christmas Eve, however her family is full of traditions. In fact, in her family, family is huge. Everyone gets together with everyone else. All the time.

Every year, her mother's side of the family gets together and bakes cookies, all kinds of Christmas cookies, sugar, gingerbread men, no-bake, and of course fudge. Much food and much wine is consumed during this experience, along with much laughter. It is a great time and a great event and an even better tradition.

Another fun tradition that they have is breakfast on Christmas morning. Granny and Papa, my wife's grandparents, come over in the morning and have a great big breakfast, including pork sausage and sparkling grape juice. Once again in contrast, my family gets up, and opens presents, nothing special.

On a sad note, a good friend of mine, he was my best man in my wedding and I in his, father-in-law passed away today. They took him off of life support and within the hour he had died. What a sad time to be dealing with a death. And Merry Christmas to them as the funeral is Christmas Eve. Keep them in your thoughts.