Why is it that so many of us node at work? I mean shouldn't we be utterly consumed with the amount of work we have to do, coupled with extreme amounts of dedication that even if perchance we have the opportunity to node at work, we would say, "Not me, that would be improper use of company time...." We would be so honorable to write down in our time log the "breaks" we took to node.

Of course in the real world, we are not like that. We take the time off from the pressure of work to waste company time noding to our hearts content, wasting away company time while we should be devoting it all to work. I wonder why this is? Why do we not care about the fact that someone is in fact paying me to node if I do it on company time.

Take this write-up for example. I teaching Biology today and I give out a quiz. Whats the first thing I do? I head over to E2 and start this daylog. I mean do you think the administration knows that right now they are paying me to node? I hope not, I mean I wouldn't pay someone to node. I guess it comes down to either lack of work ethic or it just isn't that important. And I tend to lead towards the latter.