It wierd today is the aniversary of the World Trade Center being finished. The cap was put on the top floor today 37 years ago. I wonder what the people that built it think when they see it today. I mean who would ever think that happened would have happened. It must be like seeing your child hurt or even killed. Just think of all the people that are still alive that helped build the two towers?

On another totally random subject, I was reading my copy of Rolling Stone that came in the mail (campus mail is always slower then real mail) and noticed an ad for MSN search stating that it was the most popular web search out there with a little * next to. So I read the fine print, which said acording to such and such survey group (I think it was Johnson or something like that, I don't have the add in front of me) in a category defined by Microsoft, it had won as the Most Popular Web search.... Let me think about this again, as defined by Microsoft. I mean you better win a catergory that you define. I don't understand why that would be your key selling point.