So I started this morning with a nice not on my desk from the Trust Department.

I get an error when trying to connect to the Citrix server, and I tried several other terminals and had the same problem. Just wondering if you could take a look at this and get it fixed right away as its important, I have closings I have to do and customers will be upset if I can't get this done.
Sure I'll take a look at it, I have nothing better to do then meet your every whim.

First of all this message was dated at 7:15am, I was told to be here at 8am, which means just under an hour of waiting for me to even get your note.

Second, this is not a 24 hour place of business, its a bank, bank hours are 9am to 5pm, so by getting here at 8am, it gives me an hour to solve all the world's problems before the bank opens. Also I am not on call, so you can just wait.

Thanks for letting me vent, just need to rebuild the local cache of the database, no big problem.