This node is a day late and a dollar short, but its worth it. Last night I got home later then I should have, later then I planned and I needed to go to bed. So I did, instead of noding about the wonderful day I had.

Today was the Nascar Race at Michigan International Speedway and my buddy and I went and spent all day enjoying the fine perfomance.

The first thought that came into mind was the size of the venue. MIS is a 2 mile oval and sits about 200,000 people. Its huge, the largest sporting venue I have ever been to. And it was packed completely full, sold out. Everyone says how big the concert was, or how many fans showed up to see so and so.... but every weekend Nascar has more fans in one place then any other sport.

The second thought was the noise. Nascar is loud, much, much louder then I thought it would be. The sound of the cars flying by at 185+ mph is amazing. Before the race started, there was the noise of the fly-over done by a pair of F-16's about 300 feet above the deck in full military power and full afterburner. The noise was amazing, the loudest noise I have ever heard. After passing over the track, both pilots stood the plane on end and took off vertically. It was a site to see....

It was a great race, only one crash, a beauty to watch. It had all the excitement to make for a good race. Dale Jarret spun his car early in the race, lap 5, but came back from 39th place to grab the checkered flag.

What a great day.... too bad I forgot the sunscreen