Well it's my third day at my new job and what a job it is. I wonder how the company survived so long without an IT person full-time. There are projects that have never been finished, emails that have never been followed through and all kinds of other problems.

I'm new to the banking world, so I'm learning all kinds of new things. I'm offically a part of the operations division, my direct boss is the vice-president of operations, so I get to see what really happens to your money and how it works. Let me tell you its an impressive process.

After seeing all the things that a computer takes care of, from scanning a check to generating reports of what happened today in the bank, I wonder how a bank operated without computers. Banks mush have had a huge amount of people just dealing with records, trying to keep things balanced and in check. It must have been hard to keep the bank profitable, you might be spending more on personal then on the rest of the whole bank.

But overall I like my job, its frustrating at times as I don't know everything I should, but I'm learning and I will soon get a handle on everything, and then I can start making changes so I can leave at home relaxed, knowing that I got everything done today that I could.