Today I said goodbye to a friend, named Teddy. I have just finished the two volume work by Edmund Morris, who has slowly moved up my list as one of my favorite biographers. (Yes I know about the whole Reagon book that was a flop becaue he invented things, but this book just was awesome).

I feel like I know Teddy more then ever, that I understand who the man was, and I can call him friend. We laughed together, cried together, and exprienced the joys of the hunt together.

After a month and a half of time spent with one individual and his family, I have learned so much about this one person. Teddy had more energy then two people combined and worked a ton. He read more books in a day then anyone I've ever heard of. Foreign countries would send base thier pick for ambassador to the US on whether or not they could keep up with the president.

I highly recommend both books, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Volume 1, and Theodore Rex, which is Volume 2.